Centre for International Student Assessment

The Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB) is an affiliated institute of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and is funded by the German federal and Länder governments. It is a scientific research body for international comparative educational monitoring. Its main remits include the planning, execution and evaluation of PISA studies in Germany. Another emphasis is research projects based on or connected to PISA studies. In relation to this, it conducts research into the methods applied in other international comparative educational studies. In its research, the ZIB also attaches major importance to practical application. Based on meta-analyses performed at the ZIB, an exchange of ideas is ensured in the field with schools in particular. [more]

Current publications


Fostering High-achieving Students - practice bulletin published [more➚] 30.09.2020

Publication of meta-analysis on the potential of digital tool use in mathematics and science [more➚] 18.06.2020

Publication of meta-analysis of simulation-based learning [more➚] 15.06.2020

Publication of new review on influencing factors of school inspections [more➚] 12.03.2020

Publication of new meta-analysis on school characteristics [more➚] 12.03.2020

Publication "Forschungsflut - Wer hilft mir einen Überblick zu behalten?" [more➚] 12.03.2020

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