Promoting junior researchers

A key mission of the ZIB is to promote junior researchers. The institute regards itself as a patron of young researchers in various disciplines from its own and other institutions, and gives them access to the ZIB’s entire repository of methodological and specialist knowledge. The ZIB therefore regularly organises ZIB Academies and workshops for aspiring researchers at its affiliated institutes (TUM, DIPF and IPN). It also takes an active part by organising FDZ workshops at the IQB.

The ZIB Academies for Junior Researchers are open to interested individuals from universities and teacher training universities, and are primarily designed for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers in educational science, psychology, statistics/mathematics and information technology, who are interested in, or have already engaged in educational research. The three partner institutes cooperate closely in the planning of the Academies with one of them taking the lead in each case. If possible, a cooperation partner from a non-ZIB institution is involved in the planning and execution in order to cast a wider net.

The first ZIB Academy took place from 29 July to 2 August 2013 at the DIPF in Frankfurt am Main on the subject of Technology Based Assessment. The second ZIB Academy at the IPN in Kiel on the subject of Bayesian methods in educational research was conducted from 28 September to 2 October 2015. The third ZIB Academy was held from 24 July to 27 July 2017 at the DIPF in Frankfurt am Main on the subject of modelling process data. 

Part of the promotion of young researchers includes the supervision of their papers by the endowed chairs and board members. Moreover, all three ZIB sites have an infrastructure for training young researchers, which is also available to junior researchers at the ZIB. ZIB PhD students in Munich are thus involved in the TUM Graduate School, in Kiel they are involved in the IPN Graduate School and in Frankfurt am Main they are integrated in the PhDIPF programme. 

In spring of 2018, a ZIB get-together for junior researchers from the three institutes lasting several days is to be introduced to let them meet, network and discuss their research projects. All junior researchers employed at the ZIB and the endowed professors and board members will attend the get-together. The ZIB also arranges research shadowing at other research institutes and itself offers a research shadowing programme at its three affiliated institutes to promote knowledge transfer. Within this framework, joint publications can be prepared or special facilities like the laboratories at ZIB sites can be used for the participants’ own research projects and so forth.

Upcoming events


ZIB Academy for
Junior Researchers 2019

08. July - 11. July 2018

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