Theoretical and empirical assessment of the teaching characteristic competence orientation


Anna Heinle, Research associate TUM

The work title of the doctoral dissertation is „Theoretical and empirical assessment of the teaching characteristic competence orientation“.

The PISA 2021 accompanying study PISA-Ceco (Classroom experience, characteristics, and outcome) aims at the consideration of multidimensional educational goals as well as subject-specific and cross-curricular quality characteristics of instruction. One focus among other is, on the investigation of competence-oriented instruction. On one hand, the study examines the extent to which instruction in Germany is geared to the subject-specific and cross-curricular competencies specified within the national educational standards. On the other hand, the question arises as to whether ‚literacy‘ formulated by PISA can be found in German instruction. 

The doctoral dissertation will build on these examinations and comprises two studies.

Study I
describes via systematic literature review to what extent the idea of competence-oriented teaching can be applied in an international context. The theoretical and conceptual foundations on which the curriculum in selected OECD countries is based on in comparison will be made visible.

The aim of Study II is to extend the mainly theoretical examination of the instruction characterisitc competence orientation by a quantitative finding. The investigation will show if competence-oriented activities can be empirically captured with analyses of tasks used in class. In addition, the correlation between the frequency of competence-oriented tasks and the cognitive and non-cognitive performance of the students will be examined. 

Doctoral supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anja Schiepe-Tiska
Mentor: Janin Brandenburg

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