Framework conditions of general education
and vocational schools: school profiles
and implemented activities

Lead: TUM


The framework conditions in schools and how teaching is structured have an influence on how well students learn content at school. The project focuses on research into school profiles and their relation to student performance. Besides general education schools the study also includes vocational schools. The study is based on the predecessor project “School framework conditions in the MINT study area: intended school profiles and implemented activities at PISA schools”, in which school profiles were also analysed and a framework model was developed to categorise core focuses at schools.

The aim is to identify conditions that contribute to the development of school profiles and that have a positive influence on student performance. Priority is placed on practical application of the findings in schools. To this end, based on the findings, model examples are to be devised which distinguish themselves by successful work with academically weak students, in particular.

Schools from the PISA 2015 random sample and also vocational schools will be selected for the study. Research will initially focus on school profiles. At vocational schools, this centres on how theory and practice are linked and how general teaching content is integrated. The school profiles will also be analysed to establish which special support is available for academically weak and gifted students alike. Aside from the profile analysis, head teachers, teaching staff and students will be interviewed. The school profiles and performance level in PISA will be compared, and factors like self-satisfaction, dropout rate and grade repetition will be included.

Which school framework conditions positively influence student performance? The research project addresses this question. ©

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